Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stuffs I Wanted To Share

So on my Saturday evening I have been surfing the internet quite a lot. Don't get me wrong -I do have friends on a social level (although judging from my blog this is hard to believe they are not all digital). 

Several things have caught my eye recently so I thought I would share these - and they will probably end up wasting your time as much as they have mine. 

MySpace appear to have gone under a revamp and now include little animations when you hover your cursor over their logo. Go on, try it. Theres quite a few different ones, it'll have you refreshing for ages! So far I have managed to get the bag of junk, tentacles, a slide with balls, a stags head and eyes and leaves. 

Post a comment if you get any others! It's addictive!

I heavily dislike Jeremy Clarkson - but for some reason he is regarded as somewhat of a journalist having his own column, and is also a very successful world known television presenter. I did however find this entertaining as he gets injured in the downstairs department. Good. The one thing I do like about Top Gear is their filming style - it's always done nicely. Although the content leaves something to be desired. 

Boys and their damn toys. 

Costing an estimated $1 Billion, Mukesh Ambani is living the lifestyle of more than a king. Understandably when you are one of the worlds richest men, with an approximate $17 Billion, you want to live a life of luxury - however this is too far. I cannot believe how much people spend. With a £98,000 fuel bill - it would be enough to feed the surrounding slums for a month. What sickens me the most is that it is right in the heart of a slum - rubbing his money, wealth and luxury right in their poverty stricken, disease ridden communities. Unbelievable. 

Oh, and it requires 600 members of staff for upkeep.

This was an interesting article I read, regarding consumerism, and sometimes how ridiculous it is when you really think about it. 

Lastly in my news related topics is the news that McDonalds is set to start providing management degrees. Seriously? I'd like to see where this stands in The Times' Good University Guide. Talk about clown college - or sorry, make that Ronald McDonald College, but not only would it degrade other similar degrees in the field that are not affiliated to it, I don't see what is wrong with putting staff through required courses that already exist? 
huzzah for geeks!

I read that Adam Savage teaches Advanced Model Making - at San Francisco's Academy of Art University. Now, not only is that my ultimate course - but you get taught by Adam Savage of the Discovery Channel's MythBusters! Zomg! For those of you who don't know what MythBusters is - leave my page now.

I feel a little exposed admitting to my love of that program. Ah well. 

I'm really enjoying the pictures that have been sent in here. Take a look =]

Great site featuring daily favourites in innovative website design. I used to keep tabs on this daily but since my change of career path (that I aim for) I had migrated away from being so interested. Luckily I have just rediscovered it - and now you can waste hours on this too! The site changes very regularly so you never get tired of it!

One of my particular favourites was the Smart Car site which featured a little game where you drove the car around check points creating a dot-to-dot like image. I suppose it also ties in with my Viral research, and what companies are trying to do to engage people with their product.

So that pretty much sums up what I have been doing. Hopefully you will enjoy at least one of the above. Not much academia was discussed but hey - that's only a very small chunk of the interwebs!

Enjoy! I however, am going to get back to more pressing matters.


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