Wednesday, November 3, 2010

V&A: Dundee Welcomes You, Kengo Kuma!

Kengo Kuma's winning design
I would just like to post a short recap on the V&A: Dundee proposal design competition. Today, it was announced that Kengo Kuma & Associates had won the opportunity to build their entry, which is scheduled for completion in 2014, costing an approximate £47million. I think this is a fantastic design as it pushes Dundee's boundaries in ways never before seen in the city, with of course the physical aspect also being pushed quite literally, out into the River Tay. This concept, as Lesley Knox, Chair of the V&A proposal jury said "[Kengo Kuma] demonstrates a clear understanding of the city, offers a new experience of the river, and will be as exciting internally as it will be externally"

She went on, "
This has the potential to be one of Europe's most exciting buildings." 

This is a fantastic opportunity for Dundee to pull in a much needed tourist audience, not to mention create many jobs in the area. 

Kengo Kuma responded on hearing the news "W
e are enthusiastic about the amazing site, the city and environment - it is our intention to find a balanced approach to nature and the city life of Dundee. We wish to bring our best efforts forward, with vigour and passion."

Congratulations to Kengo Kuma & Associates - I look forward to seeing and documenting the build, it's about time we had some innovative architecture in this town!


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