Friday, April 27, 2012

Repurposed Vintage Firescreen

This vintage firescreen was one of the great pieces we found a few weeks ago. It's actually too small to use for a modern-day firescreen, so I decided to repurpose it into a memo/photo board. It would be perfect sitting on a desktop or any piece of furniture around the house. I also think it would be precious with a small wreath hanging from the handle. The day after I put this little guy out at the store, it sold! I guess someone else thought it was a good idea too. 

I love the vintage typography on this envelope.

The metal screen is perfect for clipping notes, reminders, inspiration, and photos all in one place.

Birmingham, AL-  June 9, 1934. Our wedding anniversary is June 9th!

Can you imagine only paying 2 cents for a stamp!?

The metal legs have beautiful details.

I added a few clothespins and sheet music to several vintage shutters we had sitting around the store. Shutters make great memo/photo displays because of all their slats. I just love this clever and inexpensive repurpose. 


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