Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Summer Tangelo tart

Growing up in Florida, you would think I would have had knowledge of this citrus fruit. I have never even hear of it's name despite being said to sell heavily in it's native state. It was born through a hybrid mix of a grapefruit & a tangerine back in the very early 1900's. I have found them to be seedless yet they are said to have very few seeds.
Yesterday I was browsing the fresh fruits at a small Dutch Market where I came upon these now Favorite citrus indulgence. The sign read a budget friendly 3 for $1!
I asked what they taste like and the produce man had no idea. So he whipped out a pocket knife and sliced us both off a wedge. Oh MY! The scent is almost orange like, more towards the Tangerine parent. The taste was like a combination of the sweetest orange mixed in with lemon. Not tart. More of an undertone with the orange sweetness enveloping any trace. I quickly grabbed up 6 and declared experiment time. I had to fiend off the children who are orange & Clementine lovers until I juiced up the amount I desired for this recipe. I did allow Frog & Little Man to share the one leftover. I was selfish & ate an entire one as I drove home from the market.

When it comes to citrus curds, my experience is with lemons. The tartness requires far more sugar for balancing in Lemon tarts. I much prefer Meyer Lemons and grab as many as I can when the rare occasion of our local grocer has a shipment in. Meyers lemons are divine! I have to hide those from Frog. She gobbles them up like oranges...
 I searched the net for Citrus Curd tart recipes and found one I decided to play with.  I adjusted with less butter and switching out the citrus they listed with the juice & Zest of the Tangelo.
I warn you, this requires some major Whisking if doing it by hand. Personally I did not find it too much but for the uncommon kitchen inhabitant, it may seem like more work then expected. Just think of the reward when you start to tire. 
 ** Note when Zesting, The skins are far easier to peel then oranges. Actually, I found them to be very tender and when zesting, caution must be taken not to cut yourself due to their soft form.

Summer Tangelo Tart

1 Pie shell pre baked in pan of choice OR use store bought Pie / Tart shell(s) & pre bake per directions.

In a stainless steel saucepan, bring to boil over medium heat:
~ 1/2 HEAPING cup sugar
~  1 cup Tangelo juice {I average 4 1/2 Tangelos to get this juice amount}
 ~ 2 1/2 tablespoons Tangelo zest {obviously from the rinds of the Tangelo}

Whisk the above together periodically to discourage burning.
While the above is heating, in a medium large bowl, whisk for 1/2 a minute:

~ 4 large eggs or 5 medium eggs

To the whisked eggs add another:
 ~ heaping 1/2 cup of sugar

Whisk vigorously  the above sugar with the eggs for a good minute
Pour 1/3 of your heated citrus & sugar mix into the egg & sugar mix, whisking vigorously during the pour of mixtures. Now pour the egg citrus mix into the remaining Citrus sugar mix left in the pan and keep whisking vigorously until the mix comes to a rapid boil and bubbles up in an almost foam like fashion on the top. Keep whisking! Be sure it boils so the eggs will "set" properly for your curd.
 Let the above cool to around 135 F degrees or less, but no higher then that.

Whisk into the cooled mixture:
~ 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, softened to room temp

Immediately pour your curd into the prebaked Pie/tart Shell(s) & place into refrigerator. Let chill 6 hours for a more firm setting before slicing.
Top with a meringue or a time saver of Light whipped topping such as Cool Whip. No more then 1/4 an inch thick as a top layer to the curd. OR simply dust with powdered sugar and serve a small scoop of of Vanilla bean Ice cream & Tangelo wedges next to the Tart slice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh Spearmint.
If you enjoy citrus of the slightly sweeter kind, such as Tangerines or oranges, you may very well enjoy this Summer treat. I know Frog has... Not even even 24 hours after it's making she has enjoyed 2 big slices and when I opened the fridge before bed, I found 3 small finger streaks across the top of it... sigh.
Now I must be off. I have a compost pile to turn as well as chamomile, Comfrey, Lovage & Roses to harvest before the crickets serenade me to sleep.
Wishing you all...
Sweet Dreams,


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