Monday, May 28, 2012

How I became the proud owner of five neglected wishbone chairs

I always keep my eyes and ears open on the hunt for great vintage treasures. Last week I decided to randomly type in the words 'bentwood chair' in the search box of our local Gumtree and in the listings I found something that immediately caught my eye. I contacted the owner to arrange a viewing and in his back garden I found five battered, dirty, damaged chairs - but of an unmistakable design and the leftovers of the labels on the bottom made me smile from ear to ear: here I had no less than five original Hans Wegner wishbone chairs. He got them from a house-clearing somewhere, some time. I couldn't believe my eyes - nor the price: £60 for the lot! They do need complete re-lacquering and seat replacement at some point, but for now I am the proud owner of a beautiful set of salvaged Danish designer classics.

Looking good around our beech dining table!
I added prevent my cats from getting their claws into those vintage paper cord seats!

Some more wishbone chair love (in much more grand and stylish homes than mine ;-) ...


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