Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Chick is born!..or rather hatched...

...or rather hatched. A first since moving to The Stone Cottage 2 years ago. A lovely sweet tempered Americauna hen was rather persistent with sitting on the "favorite" nest everyday. So I decided to mark a clutch of eggs & see if she follows through. Well, to my surprise... she has done well, especially for a breed known for their low interest in setting. Add to that I have other breeds KNOWN for being broody and not one has displayed it in the 18 months of their existence.
The first chick hatched from a brown egg early yesterday evening. I assume a Delaware pairing.
As of the last trip to the chicken coop this evening, there is a blue egg hatching with what appears to have black feathers. Could it be from one of the pure Americaunas & Roo Beer OR is it from his pairing with Esmeralda the Barred rock/Americauna mix hen? hmmm. I wonder how many chicks I will wake to in the morn. Or if Peter the rabbit will finally fall into my trap after the continual taunts thrown my way...Is HE really the one eating the apples so far into the trap OR are those pesky little chipmunks treating my garden as their dine & dash?  Who knew there would be days in my life where wild animals would be my entertaining nemesis' and paternity guessing a hot topic... I love my life.
Early dreams tonight for an early rising tomorrow.

Sweet dreams,


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