Monday, June 11, 2012

fiddle leaf fig

Homes need plants in them to clarify the air from toxins that are in our environment from all the chemicals used in everything around us.... cleaning products, furniture and building products. An easy plant to grow is the fiddle leaf fig, a ficus variety.

Unlike some other ficus, it does not get the sticky mite disease which requires regular spraying of alcohol and soapy water solution to remove.  Ours faces a northern window so it never receives direct sun. Every so often, I add Miracle Gro to the water for its weekly waterings and will occasionally dust the leaves with a wet sponge. It is planted in a English sandstone pot which I can no longer find here in the States. The nursery that carried that line is no longer in business. Has anyone else seen a source for them?

Some dogs take up a lot of floor space..... Andy before his summer haircut.

stylish serendipity photos


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