Friday, June 8, 2012

Mustache Madness 13th birthday

When I began my reign as The Unusual Farm Chick, Panda was 6 years old. Over the years many of you have shared in watching her grow into a young lady. The laughs, the smiles. The tears and the amazement.
Remember when?
Her 6th birthday, a Fairy theme which included many of her school chums in her kindergarten class. Many of whom she is still the best of friends with.
Well our little girl is no longer so little and her choice of party themes has gone from fairy wings & strawberries to Pizza and... Mustaches?!
Yep. Panda will be 13 this 4th of July and I have been swimming in Mustache madness. Apparently the whole Mustache madness is all the rage. From accessories to shirts and on down the line.She already has the earrings & the necklace. So when she requested a Mustache theme, I was not surprised. An outdoor bonfire with Mustache loudness.
So what is a Mom to do when she is fronted with such an odd theme? Hit the net for some inspiration.

I whipped up her birthday banner using a rough weave fabric I scored at the Thrift {6 yards for $2!}, grabbed some black grosgrain wide ribbon {$2} to fold in half for the bunting string, sewn on leaving an extra foot for tying purposes. Plus I had leftover black paint from last years Glidden paint sample giveaway. Using Freezer paper to trace/cutout the Mustache clip art & stencil letters , Followed with ironing the freezer paper in place before brushing the paint on. 
Voila' !
Using the Freezer paper stencil idea, I whipped up a few shirts with her 'stache of choice onto a White Racerback tank top. She is wearing it over a long Dark Purple tank top {you know how Layers are still popular}. The party color theme is Black, Dark Purple & accented with white. You'll have to wait on seeing the shirt until she debuts at the party.

I also found Mustache cookie cutters by Fred & friends which I purchased through the amazon website for $10 {after S&H}
We also found the local Dollar tree {everything is a $1} carried some great "cheesey" adhesive mustaches. Fuzzy felt & actually stay on your face! One for each guest.
Skipping through the whole strings of lights & paper lanterns decor, lets skip to one of the big projects I am taking on while I am currently down with some kind of crazy early summer "monkey pox" aka- the common cold {not so common for me}.
A Photo booth! Just like this simple frame form, I am putting one together for the teens to enjoy.
Photo Booth from
 I even found the cutest Mustache touch sign to print out & frame for it's sign:
I have been so busy in getting things done between the cold medicine knockouts and the body aches, that I have yet to bring the camera out back & snap away with all the new wonders abounding here.
I'll make that my next mission. I'll share it very soon. But for now, I have a Party to finish prepping for.

Sweetest Dreams,


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