Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh MY, Pinch me in case I'm dreaming!

That one phone call had me on edge with that approaching belly knot one has when anticipation of a HUGE decision is in the hands of others. And when I laid out my proposition to the wife whom repeated my request to her big guy, feeling as though the actual 30 seconds were dragging into forever....I hear: Yes, That will be just fine. I truly thought tears of joy were about to burst from my eyes! My offer for the 1967 FAN camper was ACCEPTED and made even sweeter to hear the wife say she was pulling for me to get it. She could see {despite my trying to NOT show it} I REALLY wanted "Betty". I was the only looker whom they felt wanted her for fixing and loving.  Can you believe it?! Being they wanted a little more then my initial offer, I asked if they would be willing to allow me to split up the amount in 2 payments.Now do you understand my anticipation? That means I will not have my Canned Ham home until July 15th. Some make these weeks go faster! I am a chick obsessed. Hogging the net for HOURS looking at inspiration for her Tired worn look to GLAMPING transformation. I know she will have wood strip flooring. I am so torn between cheery colors as seen here:
Photo owned by Paul Hecht of Aqua Envy

and that Gypsy Caravan mood like here:
Photo by Sawday's Canopy and Stars of the U.K
See my dilemma? Total contradiction. The Captain has repeatedly said "This is all you. It's your camper." so I can do what I like but the request was not girly. He would actually like to camp in it too. So the above colors & theme are weighing on my mind. Which one could I live with longer? You KNOW how I like to change things up all the time.
I may give my caravan a Gypsy name should I go with the glamorous route... My goodness this is hard to decide!
Sweet dreams,


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