Friday, July 20, 2012

Pallet sign making DIY link love

My Captain has not brought home much in the pallet department of late. I prefer ones that do not need much sanding as well as longer planks. Being i have not made my pallet sign as planned, I thought I would share some FAB links to tutorials of various techniques for your choosing.
Lets start with HOW to get your lettering ON the wood.
Over at My *PINK* life, she has a tutorial for using carbon paper as well as prepping upcycled wood for your sign:

Over at Jessica's projects, she uses a Mod Podge technique. Using your words printed from a laser jet printer {local copy places can do this for you if you do not have easy access to one-local price here is 50 cents per sheet}

Over at Come Together Kids, she shares how to do a transfer method of #2 pencil or graphite on the back of your paper:

Now what about turning those pallets into a masterpiece sign? Here are some helpful links to get you going with various styles.
Lets start with one I feel rather quickly in love with. A twist to the whole pallet sign love:
It's not just a sign, but a PLANTER! The possibilities of filling it are numerous. Let your imagination roll with it. PLUS, in the tutorial on how to make the planter, a transfer technique is shared by pressing through the paper, making an indent of your lettering outline. 2 bangs for your click!

Over at Dreams Take Flight, she share a very well done Tut on this sign her Hunky hubby helped with:

And not so much a tutorial but it is shared how they did it, over at Discovering my truth, they had this show stopper made from a store bought L, some leftover {or just buy some} trimming and pallet wood.
I don't know about you but I am in some MAJOR Pallet project envy right about now. My Captain really needs to hook me up on a Fix of Pallet wood or I fear I may start creeping the streets for a few here real soon.
Although, he has a point when he states I have been so enamored with my Vintage Camper project, I fear even the garden has been feeling slighted.
So get out there and find those pallets! I would LOVE to see your end results, so please come back & share so we might come for a visit to your site and be Pallet envious.

Now to time to get back to work before I hit Hay. Those Camper vents are not going to derust on their own.
Sweetest dreams,


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