Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank you wood chip mulch!

This heat wave would normally wreck havoc on my garden. Not this year! If it had not been mulched with those chips, all that green would not be so lush. . More proof that fresh wood chips DO work well in the garden. LOVING all that green. Can't wait to see the reds, yellows & oranges dopples in there too.
Oh, and those are the Telephone sweet peas on the bentwood trellis, browning to age seed pods for next years crop. They did not do so well with that early quick hit of heat this Spring.
 Remember, I only put down a 3inch layer and scooped a 2 inch wide circle away from all stems. Weeding has been a total of maybe 3 hours all summer. Most of which is in the mulch-less direct seed beds & the asparagus bed {speaking of which, needs another round of weeding...eeek!} Look away! Look Away!

Peter rabbit has a preference for Borlotti beans... I know this by the abundance of Pinto beans beans he would just trample through while taking down the tops of 15 borlotti plants, leaving me a mere 4! And a big bare patch of ground.
I adore how the Pinto beans {half runners}are clinging to the bentwood mini fence.
Frog's flower garden took a hit from the birds & rabbits. I planted Teddy bear sunflowers in all the bare space you see in there... I replanted 3 times, using up most of the seed I saved from last years saved seed. Total de ja vue'. Every year I deal with sunflower thieves & eaters. Frog is just happy the rest of her flowers grew.
 Outside of the main garden, I am very happy to report this looks to be a good harvest of the apples year. Of course that means next year will be a bad one. We have come to the conclusion they give off a good harvest every other year. One can not expect too much when your fruit tree's are older then you are.
Another welcomed & joyous sight is the blackberry canes with their not there yet ripening jewels. I am saddened to say my blackberries took a hit when I cleaned out the old canes last year. Do all blackberries grow on old growth? I keep treating them like the raspberries. Maybe I should widen my berry cane knowledge before this years clean up. I am determined to go wild harvesting for more canes to plant in my berry patch. I already have a 20ft x 4ft section of black raspberries {of which I am not a fan but Mother Nature found it perfect}. I always harvest them to make seedless jelly for others. That leaves Frog & I free to keep all the blackberries to ourselves. 
Frog & I are all excited for some fresh Blackberry Jelly. We are very selfish when it comes to our Jelly. Very. Selfish.

Guess what this next beauty is made form?
And guess who is going to try her hand at whipping a few over sized signs like this soon?
Yep. This Chick!
And guess who might get to have one of their own?
YOU do!
At least once I get a Tutorial made up later this Summer. Hey now! That would cost me far too much to ship one out when I'm making them super sized in a 4x3 size. At least it's almost free for you and I promise to make it as simple as possible and try to find the source blog I originally found it. {they also had a great tip for tracing your letters on without the hard work of making a stencil}
 I must apologize for not jotting down where I found this picture. If it's yours please do let me know so I may properly credit you.
 The heat hitting in the upper 90's has kept us home of late. I truly wish I could take the kids camping somewhere along a river but I refuse to go sleep in a tent when the nights are still in the 80's and it hits 90 by 9am. one word 2 thoughts. Mis-ra-bull.... Mom & kids.
Crossing fingers this heat lets up so we can actually enjoy some daytime summer fun soon.
Sweetest Dreams,


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