Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the garden this morning

We finally received some rain, almost 2 inches last week. Plants are looking better, grass is a bit greener. Glowing Embers hydrangea bloomed beautifully this summer.

Limelight hydrangeas are looking pretty good despite drought.

Lantana love hot summer sun.

The prettier yellow water lilies flowers are not out right now, just a few white ones.

Limelights that bake in the sun on the hill among pachysandra.

Coneflowers are full of butterflies and bees.

Chimney pot conceals the well pipe. Rudbeckia make a nice companion.

Most days there are about a dozen frogs in the pond, they come and go. Not sure where they go! We never see them hopping away through the lawn.

Border is nice and full, it perseveres despite huge competition from roots and shade from the maples.

Wrought iron furniture purchased in the 1920's was my grandmother's, then in the sun room of the house I grew up in. We have enjoyed it on our patios in the three homes we have lived in since we were married. The cushion covers are about 20 years old, covered in the original Sunbrella fabric color. Akebia is on this arbor. Honeysuckle and clematis on the one in the background.

 We cannot remember what this fern variety is but it stays vibrant all summer long!
stylish serendipity photos


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