Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tn Can Camper had a secret!

Now that the Vintage Camper is gutted, I sorted through what was to be reused & what was to be sold off. I will not reuse the propane fed Princess brand Oven and range top. Instead it has been listed for sale being in great shape and I've had some interest but it's just too heavy for shipping cost efficiency. I am opting for a counter top range installation for those rainy camp times.
**Anyone interested in her purchase within a decent drive of Akron Ohio,  shoot me an email. She's listed at $70 which is a GREAT deal for her condition & use. I'm a cash in person kind a gal. I'm sure you understand.
When I began looking over her sink, trying to figure out how to remove it from the counter top {darn rivet screws!} I noticed a white stamp on the one side. It's a date stamp!
Now if you consider that the title & seller said it is a 1967 FAN camper in the equation, things began to peak my already gut feeling something was a-foul. I mean, even then, they would not have had an 8yr old sink sitting in the parts department for use in a new unit. For one, the company was already pumping out on avg. 2500 or more campers a year by 1960 until around 1973. They sold their company in 1980 to Coach company.
Once I did further research I confirmed that the body style, size, as well as the interior floor plan was NOT manufactured in the late 60's. The kitchen was placed on the back wall around 1962-63 and the body shape became less curvy. Not to mention, it's actual body length is 13ft with a 2ft length hitch hull.
The entire camper oozed 1950's.  I found this floor plan for a 1955 Fan Rambler that is exact to my so called 1967.

This FAN camper floor plan below is from 1957:
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Somewhere along the line of Our Baked Potato Camper, there was a title issue. Either a lost title causing a switcharoo {after all, who really would contest it when things were far more lax over a decade ago} OR at some point there was a salvage title that was turned into a normal title where upon a year was just thrown out. Now don't go thinking I'll be a bustling myself down to the DMV, quickly pointing out the discrepancy for correction. 
That is just asking for trouble, various fee's & lots of red tape. I'll just leave things as is. Besides, it has an out of state VIN number tag on the hull which matches up with the title. Good enough for them to issue a title & tags, good enough for me to keep this our little Tin Can secret. I find it rather endearing to have that stamp on the sink. March 17,1959 ~ St.Patrick's day!  It will be preserved with some clear coat and the entire sink, minus faucet hardware will be reinstalled.

How much did one cost in 1955?
 Wow. That just seems expensive. Makes me wonder how much cars costs in the 1950's.

So when you go looking at vintage campers and the year listed seems a bit off {and a brand not so common with Internet information} have a look under that sink. I have seen the date mark spoken of in many forums for many brands. Who knows, maybe your vintage camper find will hold a secret too.
Now I'm off to play with putty butyl tape and get some window frames back in place. Rain in the forecast for the weekend and I still have some rust to remove from the door frame as well as get those rusty D hooks off the exterior {again- Darn Rivet rusty screws!!}.
Sweet Rosy dreams,


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