Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Upholstrey samples,a Saree & deco DIY's

A few years ago, I found a rare treasure while thrift shopping. A beautiful Maroon and Grey silk Sari. I could not believe my eyes! Right here in small town USA, I found a Luxurious Silk Sari! It only set me back $2. Just so I could enjoy it, despite my yearning to wear it, I hung it as a floor length draping valance in our bedroom.
This is not exact, but similar to what I have:
During a Pinterest hunt for inspiration, I found the perfect use of my Saree in the Camper interior decor.
In the back end of the camper, I am installing a FULL size permanent bed. As in this picture, I am building a wooden wall/doorway "transition" to give the back sleeping area it's own space. This is not exact to my plans. Think of it as a rough glimpse into the plan.
My Silk Sari will be transformed into the curtains as well as a few sheers for it's privacy. I've come to the conclusion, this Camper project will give me every excuse to indulge in Bohemian style. After all, I am the one doing all the work so I'll decorate my way.
Just last week during a thrift trip, I found a batch of embroidered Upholstery sample fabrics on the "by the pound" table. I grabbed up enough to make a quickie Full size Patchwork quilt. I paid $3 for all these rectangles plus a full size square which is being transformed into a throw pillow. Both for keeping in the Camper.

 I have yet to fill & finish the quilt being I am hunting a thick wool or fleece blanket for use as it's batting.
During that trip I found a great Indian style embroidery queen size Duvet cover as well as matching Bed skirt. In the quilt above, I used the white "under mattress" material for the quilt back and had trimmed the embroidered hanging pieces for future use in another Camper Quilt.

Speaking of all these transforming of pieces to go with my theme,
 Check out these DIY'S!!
Another great piece I found during my many pinterest sanity hunts. The perfect Moroccan touch Rug makeover Tutorial! You must check these out. Charm Home shares how she transformed a simple white rug {use your own color choices} into an expensive look alike for under $50.
There are a few out there on this subject but I like the simple stencil of this one.
Although I equally adore this design {both give a free stencil download for printing}, I think Patience would need to be on my side for it's creation. Tutorial courtesy of A little Bit of Everything Blog:

 Another piece I am for sure incorporating into my Camper plans is to have a counter top waste bin cut out like this:
Keeps everything contained & out of the way, yet leaving plenty of the small counter top usable.
I can not leave it at that. I am also trying my hand at a few under cabinet bins similar to this from an Etsy Seller. Uses will be from potatoes & onions to fruits and fabric towels.

So as you can see, my dear Panda is correct. I am a woman obsessed... with my Vintage Camper project. I don't mind. Not a bit. This has brought a new slate of joy for working on in the dreary winter months. The decor that is. My Captain has promised I will have the walls & exterior supplies for finishing before the cold makes an appearance.

Now off to transform that 5 gallon bucket of tomatoes, fresh from the garden, into jars of rich winter enjoyment sauce.

Sweet Sunny Dreams,


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