Friday, January 29, 2010

Landor's trends forecast for 2010

An interesting article from Landor with some fact and opinions on the trends of branding in 2010. Paris's Creative Director Jason Little wrote the design predictions and pointed out the global homogenization of design that's taking place, blaming design blogs and online portfolios for this. He has a point: if we're all looking at the same libraries, so to speak, we're bound to have similar styles whether consciously or unconsciously using these as point of inspiration. Jason also writes 'Companies and agencies need to remain true to the underlying concepts that define them rather than chasing fads. It’s this expression of fundamental purpose that ultimately results in striking design.'

For the question 'Which brand will stand out in 2010?' Little writes to watch fashion brands Uniqlo, Anthropologie, and H&M, which collaborates with couture designers to their mutual benefit.

The article also covers trends on social media, green, consumer spending, CSR, food and beverage and airlines. Worth the read.

Download the article here.


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