Friday, February 12, 2010

A few things I am happy on the progress here..

Before the 2 Meyer's lemon tree's up and died, I was able to save a clipping from a way ward branch. I was able to succesfully root another tree, which has grown a good 2 inches PLUS 2 more leaf branches in just a month. I was not aware it had taken root until about 6 weeks after I began the process. Major happy to see the white roots against the cup side.

As an FYI, if you do a cutting from this lemon tree, it WILL grow true to it's parent. These are not graft tree's, so the upper branches can easily supply one with many more tree's which will bear fruit in under 2 years. Not much, but it's a start. I have 2 more Meyer's lemon tree's coming in a shipment dated for April, so I will be up to 3 citrus trees for my future Greenhouse. My apologies for such poor photography these days. I am in need of a better Digital and am hoping to go SLR with the next. When the budget proves cushiony enough.

And I have ventured into growing Kombucha! This is the first of our home grown and am very excited to share with friends. Especially since soon I will be run over with these things and you only need 4 ounces a day of tea per person. And yes, I did dye my hair. I have yearned to go blonde for 20 some years and thought I need to just do it while the winter keeps us indoors just in case I make a big goof... I'm neutral on keeping it. I am considering going a sandy brown but it will be another month before I change it.

That would be Ming, our newest family addition you see peeking out from under my leg. Does she not look just like Dawg?! I am so in love with my little dust mop pup and have been giving The Captain some Extra Love for this special gift he has given me.

I am hoping the Kombucha will help with Frog's eczema in case it pops back up when the weather gets warmer. It is almost gone but a small flaky dry patch of skin is still seen. I hope by including this in her daily diet, it will help prevent any more break outs.

Speaking of break outs, this whole Fibroid thing has taken such a number on my body. I have acne all over my jaw bone area, swollen glands in my neck and my stomach is slightly swollen. My hips feel like when I was far along in my pregnancies and you never knew when you take a step the hips would just "slip" and you fall. Who knew Uterine Fibroids would cause such ridiculous symptoms?! Tuesday is the day for my surgery and am very happy to be done with all of this. I have to keep myself from thinking about the fact I am losing my uterus and focus on the future benefits for my body. I just want my energy back! I am not a slow down person and sitting around on my arse has gotten so old I now play with facebook on a regular basis. FACEBOOK! I am so pathetic... LOL.

Hang in there guys. I will not let this ship sink like my pep has. A few weeks and I will be back chasing those wild edibles and revving up the wood shop projects. We have Maple syrup season in just 2 more weeks and I will not let that slip through my fingers. I have a goal of 1 gallon, which is low but I rather start slow so soon after having a major organ removed from my body. :)

Have a wonderfully Happy Valentines day and of course...

Sweetest dreams,



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