Monday, February 15, 2010

I predict a change in your future..

I have dedicated 4 years to sharing our adventures from our little Homestead via this blog. Lots of pictures accompanied with my many words and How To's. Our children are at an age I can now expand the direction I aim with this blog. I will have plenty of downtime after today to organize my list of upcoming posts which will bring a fresh and new side of adventures in homesteading.
I plan to experiment with a new method. From short tutorial videos on tapping our maples tree's all the way to adventuring the big open road to other homesteads. To share the many diverse way's of self sufficiency, gardening, animal husbandry, to hands on crafts such as glass blowing. I'm taking you along for the ride via Blog videos. Learn the simple way's with a first hand view and meet new interesting people who share a piece of their lives with us. To inspire you. To teach you something new. To transport you on an adventure with Panda and I as we venture out in the wonders of our world.
Oh,do not worry. Not all posts will be video. I still have many more words yet to share. So grab your bag and be prepared to step it up and come along for the ride!
Our video will not be High definition. Nor will it be Television quality. This is down home personality with video's put into a format like a short segment from a few minutes up to 10. All depends on the subject and location.
Now I must start my research for exciting places to share while I travel down & am in the Fort Worth Texas area. This farm Chick is adventure bound, with you riding shotgun!
Sweet dreams,


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