Friday, November 5, 2010

Design Studies: Storms-a Brewin'

Finally, the four of us finally got some time today after our lecture to finish our brainstorming from earlier in the week. We then went on to do the related discussion. Below are images documenting the rest of our brainstorm: 

After completion of our brainstorm, it was on to the discussion; to which we rearranged some of our ideas into better groups: 

By the end, we had added a lot of ideas and information to our sheets. Thinking back to the beginning of this assignment, we never thought we would have so much to discuss. It definitely became easier as we went on, and using the contexts in which we learned about the issues brought up in the book to help relate the topics to design helped a lot. I never realised how much of the book I was able to retain until now!

...and then it was time for a break


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