Thursday, November 4, 2010

Furniture Design: Pallets Pallets Pallets

I haven't updated about the recent goings on in my current furniture project. 

It has been mutually decided that we will use 100% found and recycled objects to build our piece. Initally we had been keen on using a log, however it turned out to be unfeasible - not only would it be difficult to locate, but it is unmanageable in the workshop. So therefore, it was on to plan B. Pallets.

Fortunately we got our hands on a selection of pallets from our Students Union who kindly let us huff and puff them up a set of stairs, up a ramp (on a hill), then across gravel, and into the studios. We kept them there for a few in days in order for them to dry off as they had been somewhat damp due to the beautiful weather we are currently encountering. This also gave us a few days to mull over what to do. 

What to do, indeed! Some items had been delivered to the university on clean new pallets to it was decided that we should do a trial run with our first batch, in order to get used to working with this type of material. After our recent "bomb project" we thought a quick, one day installation project using the pallets would be appropriate, so came up with building a pallet tree - by this I mean, crow barring apart the pallets and using the reclaimed planks to build a tree sculpture. It also had the nice aspect of putting the wood through a full cycle of life - once a tree, then it was felled, made into a pallet, used as intended, and then back into a tree. 

It's not entirely finished because as it turns out, crow barring these are not as easy as it was first thought. 

I'd make a rubbish car thief.


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