Monday, November 15, 2010

My Pennant Pantry -- plus a couple cool things!

I had a terrible sinus infection last week, and got all hyped up on Sudafed. On Friday night at eleven-o-clock I thought it would be an awesome idea to rip my pantry apart and paint it. So that's what I did.

I'm not saying it didn't need it. It totally did!!
This floral shelf liner had been on the shelves since we moved in 8 years ago, and even then it wasn't my favorite. I told you I was a procrastinator - lol. 
I painted it my favorite color -- this bluish-green. And since it was midnight by the time I was ready to paint, I rummaged around and found this left over paint from my 

Beachy Bathroom Redo.
Saturday I decided that it just needed something else. And you know there are so many great pantry makeovers out there. I love Shelley's at House of Smiths and Beth from the Stories of A to Z recently did a great pantry makeover too.
I decided to make some pennants on my Silhouette. I started experimenting and discovered that there were a set of three downloadable pennants at the Silhouette Online Store and for .99 cents, that was so much easier than trying to design my own!
So I printed them off and had a fantastic time adding a little whimsy to a part of my house that we use more than anything else!  
And at the top of the pantry I hung a real pennant. 

I just love it!!

{And another great thing about vinyl is you can peel it right off when you are ready to change things up again}  

I had a hard time getting the lighting right since it's a pantry and pretty dark. I almost went a little crazy and wanted to hang a chandelier in there, but ultimately I thought that would be going a little too far for a pantry. But, who knows -- maybe I still will. A very small chandelier!

 I couldn't find any shelf liner that I liked. Then I remembered that I had bought some patterned felt placemats on sale at TJ Maxx last year -- so I used those on the shelves. It's lucky that I bought four sets. I guess it was fate - lol. And, I had some empty silver containers that I had bought for my office and never used. Perfect!
I also printed some vinyl labels off for some canisters I found at Ikea.
 It was great to organize all of our food. I had some wire baskets that I had bought for my Laundry Room Redo and never used, so I brought those out. 
 And then on a trip to Ikea on Saturday, I found some round gift tags. I brought them home and sprayed them with some Chalkboard Spray Paint to make little tags. I'm still loving those Chalkboard pens. If you don't have those -- put them on your Christmas list! You can find them at Michaels.

I added a few pennants to the front of the pantry door too. And I printed off a Thankful list so my kids can think about what makes them thankful every day. {And yes, I used to have a darling knob, but it fell off and broke - so now I am back to the beautiful gold fixture. I need to spray paint that!}

Another thing that I love is the over-the-door organizer that I bought. It is a great place to keep things that get a lot of use, like salt and pepper shakers and big spice containers. It frees up much needed shelf space. 
 I am really excited to have a place to keep extra serving pieces and glass water pitchers. 

And I even found a spot for my Silverware Wreath!! 
So there you have it -- my weekend Sudafed project!*J6ypsZa5tYB9mXbEAU7S26Xjjyoxh2SPksG-jx5dgDY1Qrhs3iPhylxf/LivingLocurto.jpg
I have a bunch of tutorials that I am so excited to share. I am going to sneak them in this week, along with the other fun stuff that I will be sharing.
And speaking of sharing, I am guest posting a Burlap Scrabble Thanksgiving Wreath on a super fun blog -- Living Locurto! 
If you aren't familiar with Amy's blog -- come over and check it out! 
Amy has so many great ideas and tons of amazing printables on her blog and in her shop: 
Post image for Owl Camp Out Birthday Party

And, I'm having a giveaway over on my Tatertots & Jello Facebook page!! 
Check out TWIG -- an awesome shop I found a couple weeks ago!! 
It's run by the cutest couple -- Michelle and Steve.

 They make really cool, modern gifts. 
Come over and see what they are giving away!


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