Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this morning in the garden

Pansies have pooped out, begonias have taken their place in the window boxes and shade containers.

We love lots of plants and foliage variety to complement the wooded setting of our property. 

 First coneflowers have arrived in the front gardens and sedum is almost at full height.

 Day lilies in the side gardens.

 Hardy hibiscus is up with miscanthus grass in front yard. We are in need of rain, the lawns are clearly thirsty.

 One of the driveway pots... salvia and petunias are growing faster than the cosmos, which needs to catch up. Going to prune some petunias to balance it out after seeing this shot.

 Calendula is blooming in the back border. We like how the bright yellow pops against the dark green shaded woods.

Yellow lantana and ivy have replaced the pansies in the sun containers.

Hydrangeas blooming but damaged by early spring warmth and then late frosts.
stylish serendipity photos


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